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Name (sort by name) Passed away  (sort by date)
dyer, richard 10/16/2012
jstuWXzwEO, Nicholas 6/8/1012
SagMpuuWzdtULXb, fuwryqwu 7/21/1012
mPLkrGTHMI, jpkzhwgunfk 2/18/1012
WVvWhMfJDCiadqEYtNT, bceeafhnweq 6/22/1012
tbWLXpklTq, Hayden 1/6/1012
DeQsAcKGwURfN, Jordan 9/3/1012
xsIDEsKJUBAl, Cooper 8/17/1012
CaImeDeMThjYNOGp, Samantha 5/2/1012
xCDNtTPicu, Lauren 5/26/1012
gGGCZDoefUJpehwO, Carter 6/19/1012
bpIhdGClIPll, Zoe 2/11/1012
RHIVwteqDAAyPYSMUf, rhbragei 5/30/1012
FizoDzqHLEBrYdDIY, jobkdkldyl 2/22/1012
nzNTQGksQFfzxnsRz, kqulswcgr 7/7/1012
dBwVjfrzwcRoliH, paigjovhcht 5/18/1012
TBqMXtqCXKR, Nevaeh 10/3/1012
rIVBhMEHBxSr, rfrdgigaf 3/15/1012
Ross, Elsie 11/29/2006
Ross, Howard 9/12/1995
canale, fred 8/20/2004
Martin, Gordon C 5/28/2011
Sandy, Kirsta 9/25/2008
munden, bradley joseph 5/22/2009
Wanless, Thomas 2/26/2010



To preserve, to  give continued existence  to;  to pass on,
cause to continue to be believed, known and remembered.

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